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The signs were ominous in the manner in which they posted a 250 (the way Mortaza picked up the scoring rate gave an adrenalin boost to Ashraful, who then charged down at the South Africa bowlers especially at Ntini and Langevelt, since they had the bowlers but needed a score to bowl to. And the first time their batsmen gave them the score, the Bangladesh bowlers came up to the task. Rafique was always dreaded and showed his calibre, but Rasel was a find in the real sense. Abdur Razzak and Saqibul bowled to their potential on paper. Kallis now has company! We have one more all-rounder to entertain us in the coming years. Not many may know that Saqi (Saqibul Hassan) is already near the Top on the ICC Top Batsmen charts. He was already declared a Valuable Player in Vineet Cricket Player's Rankings released before the world cup. And as predicted in this website, Bangladesh bowling had to be watched out for, as well as Jayasuriya is the man of the moment.. Well, Bangladesh has kept the promise they showed on paper, unlike many of their greater counter parts. The entry of Bangladesh on the scene adds to the growing presence of Asia in cricket, and adds to the woes of some teams. As Bangaldesh walks the hallowed portals of Super 8, they are most likely to be eliminated, but their love affair with cricket is not likely to be forgotten by most of the teams.We must also remember that Bangladesh has lost only 3 matches so far in this tournament, to 3 of the 4 top teams. They are still to meet England, asics onitsuka tiger mexico 66 ireland West Indies and asics asics volleyball shoes ireland, and would be in if they beat all 3! They also stand a good chance if they beat 2 of these. So watch out for some fireworks - the tournament is still alive!!Well Ricky Ponting's minnows are now slowly turning of age. A team which beat New Zealand, India and asics asics shoes ireland now South Africa is by no means a minnow. And Australia is no Holy Grail. It would one day go the way West Indies went.. down into history. History has a small memory, especially for the Bullies .. we don't remember Hitler, though we remember Gandhi who won the world with love. We even remember Christ, Mohammad, Ram and Buddha who were here eons ago. We have fast forgotten who Border was, though we continue to remember Don Bradman, and Gary Sobers.. as cricketing Greats! Hopefully, now Ponting can concentrate on his own game, lest he be fogotten..

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