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For those who travel often and dine out frequently, travel credit cards can offer some of the highest reward rates available. Each time you use your travel card, you earn points that can be used toward future (or even past) travel purchases -- and then some. Those who want to upgrade their flying experience, for instance, can see benefits like access to first-class cabins, exclusive hotel perks and even related benefits, like paid-for TSA Precheck and Global Entry.

Кипр: "Зеленые" против "золотых" ELTOMA BUSINESS Яндекс ДзенThe way travel cards work is simple: You'll earn points for certain purchases that can be redeemed for flights, hotels, rental cars and even cruises. These redemptions usually happen through your credit card issuer's website (or app) or as a statement credit that reimburses you for past purchases you made with your card.

Points or miles can also be transferred to travel partners -- predominantly airlines and hotels -- at a fluctuating conversion rate, where they can then be used to book a flight or hotel room. More on that later.

To choose the best travel credit card, there are a few key factors to consider:

Annual fees. All of the travel rewards cards reviewed here have annual fees, with some climbing as high as $550, but those fees are usually mitigated by monthly or annual credits.

Exclusive perks. Some of the cards also grant access to exclusive travel perks, like airline lounges or VIP welcomes at hotels. The value of those perks is subjective and something you'll have to evaluate for your needs and wants.

Foreign transaction fees. None of the best travel cards have foreign transaction fees, so that's not something you have to worry about with any of the credit cards recommended below.

The best overall travel card for most travelers

Chase Reward Rates: 3X points on travel and dining (begins after earning $300 credit), 1x point on all other purchases
Annual Fee: $550
New Member Bonus: 50,000 points
Bonus Redemption Threshold: Spend $4,000 in first 3 months
APR: 17.99% to 24.99% Variable
Foreign Transaction Fees: None
Credit Requirement: Excellent

Chase Sapphire Reserve offers great value for those who spend around $12,000 or more annually on travel. Chase lets you accrue points for: flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, buses, either travel or dining, consider the Platinum Card (for frequent fliers) or the Gold Card (for high food budgets). Otherwise, I'm a big fan of the wide range of expenses that fall under the Reserve's bonus points categories. And it's even better for those who value its additional travel perks like travel insurance, hotel discounts and lounge access through Priority Pass Select.

Rewards details
The Reserve card gives you unlimited 3X points on travel and dining purchases, 1X points on all other purchases, and 10x points on Lyft rides through March 2022.

While the $550 annual fee is steep, the yearly travel credit of $300 brings the overall cost down to $250, making the fee more manageable. Plus, the 50,000 sign-on bonus -- earned after spending $4,000 in the first three months -- is worth up to $1,000, depending on how you redeem those points (below). Finally, card holders get a statement credit reimbursement for Global Entry or TSA Precheck (worth $100 for Global Entry or $85 for TSA precheck, both of which are valid for five years) plus a number of VIP-style travel perks.

Redemption details
Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed in three main ways.

Cash redemption at a 1-cent rate effectively turns your card into a 3% cash back card for travel and dining purchases.

Booking travel through Chase's Ultimate Rewards portal gets you a rate of 1.5-cents per point, or $1.50 for 100 points, which represent a return of 4.5% on travel and dining purchases (well above most cash back cards).

Transfer points to one of 13 Ultimate Rewards travel partners at a redemption rate of up to 2 cents per point, a 6% total return according to The Points Guy's most recent valuations.

See at Chase

The best travel card for foodies and big grocery shoppers

American Express The Gold Card

American Express Reward Rates: 4X points on dining and supermarkets, 3X points on flights (booked directly w/airline or amextravel.com), 1x point on all other purchases
Annual Fee: $250
New Member Bonus: 50,000 points
Bonus Redemption Threshold: Spend $4,000 in first 3 months
APR: 15.99% to 22.99% Variable
Foreign Transaction Fees: None
Credit Requirement: Good to Excellent

As the only card on this list that offers a high rewards rate on both dining and U.S. supermarket purchases, the Gold Card from American Express is a great option for those who don't currently spend a ton on travel every year, but would like to travel at a discount with points earned spending money on food.

If you spend more than about $7,000 annually on dining and U.S. supermarkets (including smaller grocery stores, but excluding big-box stores like Walmart or Target), the $250 annual fee is well worth it. Considering the average American household spent $7,923 on food in 2018, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, startup venture capital many households could benefit from the Gold card. (If you spend a high amount on both food and travel each year, I recommend the Chase Sapphire Reserve instead.)

Rewards details
The Gold Card has a broad spectrum of rewards categories for a travel card, with 4X points on dining and U.S. supermarkets and 3X points on flights booked through the Amex portal, the website where points can be redeemed. The $250 annual fee is partially offset by up to $120 in annual dining credits (through services like Grubhub and Seamless) and up to $100 in annual incidental flight fees, which cover things like in-flight dining, Wi-Fi and checked baggage fees. The sign-on bonus is fairly standard at 50,000 Membership Rewards (MR) points after spending $4,000 in the first three months, which is worth up to $1,000.

Redemption details
There are two ways to redeem points with the Gold Card. The first is for travel purchases made through the American Express Travel portal, where one point equals one cent. The second option is to transfer your MR points to one of 18 airline partners or Startup Venture capital 3 hotel partners for a value of up to two cents per point. Since your points are worth twice as much when transferred, we highly recommend transferring to a travel partner and looking for good redemption deals in order to maximize your earned points.

The best travel card for first-class fliers

American Express The Platinum Card

American Express Reward Rates: 5x points on flights (booked directly w/airline or Amex Travel) and prepaid hotels (*booked on Amex Travel)
Annual Fee: $550
New Member Bonus: 70,000 points
Bonus Redemption Threshold: Spend $5,000 in first 3 months
APR: NA (Late fee up to $39 applies)
Foreign Transaction Fees: None
Credit Requirement: Good to Excellent

The Platinum Card is Amex's top-tier travel card, offering the highest potential reward rate of any we've reviewed, topping out at 10%, depending on how points are redeemed (details below).

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